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#OpenUGMCNow, Arrogance, Insensitivity and Healthcare in Ghana: My Take

#OpenUGMCNow, Arrogance, Insensitivity and Healthcare in Ghana: My Take I could have written this earlier but I wanted to be in the best frame of mind to do this. It is extremely important to me and I think it should be important to you too. As a nation, we need to understand that the greatest power lies within we the people, not the highly privileged elites we elected to rule us. We should be willing to exercise our power anytime the need arises. This is one of those moments. Periodic elections are not the only way we can exercise our power. In fact, if we look at it closely, elections are more of a sham in our part of the world than real opportunities to effect tangible positive changes. A good number of our leaders come to power by distributing money, rice, oil and clothes. This is no hidden secret. I am not saying that politicians are the only corrupt leaders keeping this country stagnant. From previous assignments I have held, I know that public servants and private compan