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My room is painted pink. I am not okay with it. I am also not the type who will dress my daughter in pink. But should you attack pink on social media, I will not say any of these. I will tell you it is okay for pink to be associated with femininity and it is not okay to attack it. My point? Social media is not real life or all of it. One of the downsides of being part of the social media generation is that our observers tend to believe they know us from what we share and how we react on social media. Please note that "our observers" include ourselves. Despite the many times some of us have tried to point out that social media is barely a small percentage of our lives, this perception remains unchanged. This is not surprising. Very few of us pay attention to the posts we see on social media beyond clicking the like button, having a good laugh and moving on to the next post. It's a scroll world. Very few people read social media posts deeply and think about them while in th